Thomas A. McMahon Student Travel Awards

The FBG is pleased to announce the Thomas A. McMahon Student Travel Awards for supporting attendance at FBS2023.

The Thomas A. McMahon Student Travel Awards have been developed to honor the memory of one of the great minds in applied biomechanics. Before his untimely death in 1999, Professor McMahon contributed seminal works in locomotion biomechanics and was a collaborator, mentor, and friend to many of us in Footwear Biomechanics.

The awards of between $US 500 and $US 1000, funded by a group of anonymous donors and matching funds from FBG, will support travel and conference registration for students presenting their work at FBS2023 and subsequent symposia. Awards will be made on a competitive basis and their value will depend on travel distance.*

FBS 2023 Student Travel Awards Eligibility and Requirements

· The applicant must be a student member and their supervisor a full member of the Footwear Biomechanics Group

· The applicant must be first author and presenter of a paper submitted to FBS 2023

· Recipients must agree to submit a brief symposium report for publication on the FBG website

· Applicants will only be offered a FBG award or an ISB student travel grant. Students may apply separately for both, but only one will be awarded.

Applicants are advised to make their travel plans at the lowest cost, without assuming an award will be received (to ensure lowest costs are claimed for the trip).

The closing date to apply for awards is February 17th 2023. Applicants will be notified by 11th April 2023.

Please address any queries to